Customer Faq’s

Answers for general questions

  • 01. Can you provide complete IT managed services?

    Yes in most cases, our employees are well experienced and have worked of a variety of different IT and Technology Systems

  • 02. What types of cameras you sell?

    We sell all types of security cameras, we will help you decide on the type that is best for you

  • 03. Do you offer end-to-end solutions?

    Yes we do, our experts will arrange for a meeting to discuss your exact needs, we work on small to large projects depending on your requirements

  • 04. Do you offer after sale support?

    Yes we do, all our products are guaranteed to function properly and we offer warranty as applicable to all of our products

  • 05. What are the Shop opening hours?

    Our shop is open from 10:00 AM till 8:00 PM Saturday to Thursday to serve your Electronics needs

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